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Ever since 2003, Eton College has been providing students with a rich and diverse learning environment. Knowledge, creativity and hands-on experience have always been at our core, and we’re proud of the generations of students who have graduated from our College. We always encourage both staff and students to grow, learn and create each passing day.

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Eton College offers excellent programs in Business Administration, Tourism and Hospitality and Flight Attendant Training. Students are taught the skills and tools to succeed in high-demand industries.

Flight Attendant Training

Are you excited by the chance to travel the world? You aren’t alone. Average flight attendant applications for the past 10 years are estimated to be over 1,000,000 per year. With the current job market for flight attendants becoming highly competitive, you’ll need to be the best fit for the job. At Eton College, we train students with specialized and complementary skills needed by airline industry employers to get you hired.

Tourism and Hospitality

With scenic natural wonders and world-class facilities, Canada considers tourism and hospitality a vital part of its economy. The country’s number of international and domestic travelers continues to rise, creating more businesses and jobs for recreation, entertainment, food, and accommodation. Our Tourism and Hospitality programs can open your doors to an adventurous career in this booming industry.

Business Administration

Combining theory and practical application, these relevant, hands-on Business Administration programs will prepare you to tackle complex business problems, conduct negotiations, and carry out business presentations with confidence. These professional training programs will immerse you in a challenging environment that is conducive to your personal growth.

Our Practicum Placement Partners

Eton College Canada is pleased to place students from many programs into practiculum
with our valued industry partners such as:

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Eton College Canada falls under the approval jurisdiction of British Columbia Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) – It is designated by the PTIB under the BC Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training. (Eton College Canada PTIB ID # 03111)
Eton College has also received British Columbia’s Education Quality Assurance (“EQA”) Designation and is approved as a Designated Learning Institute (DLI) by the government of Canada. (DLI #: O19330008162)

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